The MAX min Project- Team 006

At first I was reluctant to begin what seemed like a project that was way over my head, but still I went upstairs to meet with team 006. They greeted me and immediately dove into a project that I had far from begun to comprehend. Words were said that seemed to have no meaning, and thoughts were shared that were to me some sort of fantasy. Still, the group went on and I managed to note how our basic process went:

  • We met
  • We read the packet
  • Ideas were proposed
  • Ideas were dropped
  • Focused on different aspects of the project, such as the spectacle
  • Then focused on functionality¬†of addition which needed to be an entrance to the 2nd floor
  • Decided that the spectacle should be functional as well
  • Something that would withhold the standards of what is found inside the building
  • We went outside to look at the building and see what may work
  • Decided on some sort of ramp that would cut through amphitheater type stairs that would oppose some sort of display
  • Went back inside and started designing

At this point, I was still very confused, so I pulled Collin Cope aside and asked him to explain to me what exactly was going on. We talked about the limits that we had to deal with, and how we planned to approach this project; using the existing structure and wrapping an addition around the walls to create an entrance to the second floor as well as an area to sit and hang out. On Saturday, we met and did revisions on our original design, and began to make it fit into the existing space.

In the end, due to restrictions on time within the group, we had to settle with a design that was conceptually sound but was never made to fit perfectly into a practical design. This being said, a lot of work was put in to develop a good idea, and I personally learned a lot about the process of going about a project such as this one.

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